Help your customers understand user behaviour and maximise the value of their web presence with this unique usability tool. By tracking behaviour within individual pages and presenting that information as common sense visualisations, Mouse Eye Tracking is the perfect complement to traditional analytics tools.

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Mouse Eye Tracking

Based on solid user behavioral research and using the latest web technologies PicNet's Mouse Eye Tracking™ is a sophisticated and effective IT solution that maximises a user’s investment in their websites by showing, in detail, what visitors are viewing on each page.

Research shows that there is an 84% correlation between regions of a webpage gazed by your eye and the regions visited by the mouse cursor. Additionally, 88% of regions that are not gazed by the eye are also not visited by the mouse cursor.1

Mouse Eye Tracking provides graphic representations of how each individual visitor, and the majority of visitors together, have been reading each page of a website. This enables users to understand which areas of their website are of most interest through the high viewing statistics, rather than the webpage areas users think are of interest. The service also reveals the flow of visitor navigation across their entire website, providing insights on how to best design the site to allow visitors to most easily reach their goals.

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PicNet is a leading provider of IT services that help organisations use technology to increase productivity, reduce costs, minimise risks and grow strategically. With expertise in multiple technology and business areas, across a variety of industries, PicNet’s dedicated team of professionals has both the knowledge and experience to help clients become high performance businesses.

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For reseller information contact Marco Tapia at or call direct on +61 2 8437 7901


For reseller information contact Marco Tapia at or call direct on +61 2 8437 7901

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